NGC4631, the Whale Galaxy. It is composed as a BW image where I have used some PI processes, it's an integration of 324 single images here merged with old color data from 2017 & 2018.
Observatory, drone view.

Hi and welcome to my astro homepage, which have one purpose only, to show and share with you my best astro pictures mainly taken from Copenhagen, Denmark.  

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Latest processed images from 2020, please have a look, just to have them here, for now. Questions? Please write me an e-mail, thanks,

M51, a PI SubFrameSelected, StarAligned & ImageDrizzle/Combined BW image,

The M51 BW image PI SubFrameSelection screen dump,

M1 the Crab Nebula. It is composed as a BW image where I have used some PI processes (same as mentioned above),
It's an integration of 584 single images. Now merged with old color data from 2019 & 2020,

The M1 BW image PI SubFrameSelection screen dump,

NGC4631, the Whale Galaxy. It is composed as a BW image where I have used some PI processes, it's an integration of 324 single images here merged with old color data from 2017 & 2018.

The Whale galaxy PI SubFrameSelection screen dump,

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29->30 Nov-2019, a Nebula in Ha, SH2-188. Total exposures: 45x300sec, 

IC-410 Nebula with the amazing Tadpoles. An Ha image taken in my front yard in CPH, DK. Total Exposure time: 42x300sec.

M82 MlC, NVC combi ver,

M82, INV & BW,

18. April-2019, a M51 Lum/UHC picture,

18. April-2019, a Moon picture,

16. April-2019, M87, a Lum/UHC picture, exposure: 85x60sec+95x30sec,

6. April-2019, M51 Brorfelde 12" refractor, 69x300sec Lum data added with old color data,

18. Sep-2018 & 15. Dec-2015, NGC 891, a LRGB picture,

18. Sep-2018, NGC 457, a LRGB picture,

5. & 6. Sep-2018, M31, the Andromeda Galaxy L,RGB picture,

2. & 3. Sep-2018, M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, a WF color picture,

21. Aug-2018, Comet Giacobinni-Zinner,

13. Aug-2018, Comet Giacobinni-Zinner,

17. Aug-2018, homemade astro-barndoor ready for some action :-)

15. Aug-2018, a Comet HOWTO doc.

8. July 2018, M27, a summer Lum/old color picture,

20,21,22 April 2018, NGC 4631, a LArtL-RHa,GOIII,BOIII picture, 2 versions,

11. April-2018. M51 Galaxy picture shown in Hubble palette colors,

2018. Latest version of the crowd image of M81 Galaxy, a LRHaGB picture, two processing versions shown here,

More M81 crowd picture info:       

20/23 March 2018, a M63 LRGB picture, close-up view,

The M63 Lum master file is here,

7. March 2018. Televue blog, please check out this link,

Latest version of NGC 1333 is here,

8. Febr-2018, M1 taken once again in freezing temperaturs,

Details about M1 can be found here:

M1 shown in Hubble palette colors here:

Details about M1 Hubble palette version can be found here:

7 -> 8 Jan-2018 at Brorfelde, IC443, a Lum/Ha BW picture. Total exposure time: 2x19x300sec.

Added a IC443 Tone-Mapped Ha and Lum version as the second picture link.     

Same night at Brorfelde. NGC 1333, a Lum picture. Total exposure time: 39x300sec.

Same night at Brorfelde. NGC1333, a Lum-color picture. Total exposure time: 39x300sec Lum and color exposure time: 47x120sec. More info. can be found here:     

Oct-2017. The Atik Horizon beta camera setup is shown here:

25-26 Nov-2017, a Horsehead Nebula, HaL-RGB WF picture,

6. Nov-2017, the portable setup used with Canon 60Da and a x2 extender. A single moon picture, ISO 100, exposure 1/25 sec,

M76 subs/frames taken during two nights, 21-22 Sep-2017 and in the moon light 9-10 Oct-2017. It is composed as a LUM-Ha-OIII master layer combined with color layers, RHa, GOIII and BOIII.

7. Ock-2017. M27, a Lum-Ha/OIII bi-color picture.

Atik Horizon beta camera, a 16" SCT F6.2 scope, Baader 36mm filters used to make a Lum,Ha, and OIII bi-color picture of M27. Total exposure ~2.3 hours.

Portable equipment, 2017. Mount: TTS-160 Panther. Scope: TV NP127is F5.2. ZWO asi1600MM camera. Baader L, R,G,B, Ha, OIII and SII 36 mm filters.

Sep-2017. M33, a LumHa-RHa,G,B Picture. Frames taken during Sep-2017. Exposure details: Lum=117x60sec+23x300sec. Ha=33x300sec. RGB each channel 20x60sec., 3 processing versions,     

18. Sep-2017 in the early morning and as said in the header text, seasons first M42, taken with the portable setup. No calibration frames was used and the total Lum exposure was: 6x60sec+9x30sec+20x10sec,

17. Sep-2017, latest M31 Lum - color version,

28. Aug-2017, tried to use all Cocoon Nebula LRGB frames as a Lum layer. Please check out the result here, 2 versions,     

The "LRGB frames=artificial Lum master frame" is here. As it can be seen I will have to make a flatbox to get rid of the vignetting, but for now I have used gradientXterminator instead,

26. Aug-2017, decided to add 7x2min Lum exposures (portable equipment) + 37x2min exposures (old subs via WO FLT-110, Canon60Da) to the shown Cocoon Nebula picture below, making it a ~11 hours expoused picture!

22-23. Aug-2017, two nights using the shown portable equipment, plus the 16" SCT closeup L & Ha data of the cocoon itself, it adds up to ~9.8 hours of total exposure of the Cocoon Nebula. It is composed as a LRHaGB picture, shown are a size 33% and a size 50% picture,    

13. Aug-2017. First light with a portable setup. A M31 Lum picture taken from my backyard. Total exposure time 1.5 hours. Subs from 30 sec. to 120 sec.,

A Ha filter and TTS-160 Panther mount test done with 3x600sec exposures,

Old color picture of M31 added to the Lum M31 version above (the color FOV don't fully cover the Lum version), 2 different versions,

10. July 2017, a M27 WF OIII/Lum picture, ~3.2 hours in total exposure,

10. July 2017, a M27 OIII/lum picture, ~1.5 hour in total exposure. The individual frames were taken in/on a full moon sky & in the usual light polution from the main capital of Denmark, Copenhagen,

2. July 2017, a section of the moon, just a single Ha picture! The best one I have taken so far, that is called "lucky imaging". Picture size is 80%,

2. July 2017, a moon picture, put together as a matrix of single moon pictures, using the same photo setup as described below,

2. July 2017, a section of the moon taken with a 16" SCT, Atik 460ex mono camera and a Ha filter. It is one single picture enhanced slightly in photoshop, no stacking performed,

21 June-2017. Between the clouds in the sky and in a very bright summer night I was able to get, with my 16" SCT, 12x300sec OIII and 11x300sec Ha subs, now added to the below BW M27 image. On purpose I have moderated the stars in the cropped picture,

21. June-2017. A M27 version with old color info. added (the FOV in color picture was smaller),

18-19 June-2017. The first M27 2017 picture. It is a Lum mixed with Ha info.

5-6-2017. A matrix moon, single pictures, taken with/through a Ha filter. Equipment used: 16" SCT and a ZWO ASI1600MM cool camera,

28-5-2017. Galaxy NGC6947, in total 9.5 hours of exposure. The Ha part was 30x300sec frames stacked and integrated into the red channel, which make it into a Lum,RHaGB picture,

23-5-2017. Latest  color picture version of the Galaxy NGC6947. Changed the color and used the lowest Lum FWHM's stack,

20->21 May-2017. Color data, Ha, R, G and B added. WO FLT-110/Atik 460 ex mono R,G,B exposure = 3x20x180sec. 16" SCT/ZWO asi1600mm cool R,G,B exposure = 3x30x120sec. Ha exposure = 12x300sec.

The 'close-up' picture, ~7 hours of exposure,

Came out observing 19->20 May-2017. A couple of Lum pictures that covers this event: Supernova SN 2017eaw and NGC 6946.

An gif animation, a 'before' and 'after' Lum picture,

and a WO FLT-110, Atik 460ex mono/lum picture,

A close-up Lum merge picture of old and new NGC 6946 frames,

Here I used the best 6% frames of a 20GB SER movie of the Moon. The cropped picture was taken 8 -> 9 May-2017 and the picture size is 100%.

A section of the Moon. The picture was taken 8 -> 9 May-2017. Two sorted stacks of frames were merged together in Photoshop,

NGC 4631 whale galaxy taken 30 April/1 May 2017. A Lum picture. Exposure: 19x180sec. Taken with 16" SCT and ZWO asi1600mm camera.

M101 galaxy taken 30 April/1 May 2017. Exposure: 20x180sec Lum data and taken with my 16" SCT and ZWO asi1600mm camera,

April-2017, my latest photo, a L(20x180sec new raw data),RGB picture of the M101 galaxy, a mix of old & new raw data,

24/25. April-2017, more LRGB raw data was added to the M63 Galaxy Lum picture below,     

22/23. April-2017, the M63 Galaxy, a Lum picture,     

19. April-2017, Asteroid 2014 JO25, time: 23.05 -> 23.07 CEST,

April-2017, NGC 4214 a LRGB Work in Progress picture. Latest revision is shown here and now also public on my astrobin account:     

3-April-2017, a RGB picture of the Moon, 2 versions,     

Mar-2017, a comet 41P-Tuttle-.... Lum pictures,     

Mar-2017, the Crab Nebula, a LUM-Ha-OIII BW picture,

Mar-2017, the Crab Nebula, a Ha-OIII BW picture,

Mar-2017, the Crab Nebula, a Lum-Ha-OIII WF BW picture,

Febr-2017, the M51 Galaxy, a 2014 -> 2017 color WB/NB picture,

Old pictures of M97,

Copyright, Niels V. Christensen, 2020.