M63, a LRGB Picture. Exposure time 16" SCT & ZWO camera: Lum: 106x60sec + 9x180sec + R,G,B: 29x120,28x120,23x120sec. Exposure time WO FLT-110 & Atik camera: 36x120sec + 13x60sec + 2x600sec.
Observatorie construction during 2005

Hi and welcome to my astro homepage, which have one purpose only, to show and share with you my best astro pictures taken from Copenhagen, Denmark. Kind regards

Niels V. Christensen

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The obs. picture shown at the right side is from 2005. 

A afternoon in 2005 with very special weather conditions when the sun disappeared below the horizon. The observatory at that time was not finalized and among other things the rotating roof was not yet made and mounted.

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24/25. April-2017, more LRGB raw data was added to the M63 Galaxy Lum picture below,     

22/23. April-2017, the M63 Galaxy, a Lum picture,     

19. April-2017, Asteroid 2014 JO25, time: 23.05 -> 23.07 CEST,

April-2017, NGC 4214 a LRGB Work in Progress picture. Latest revision is shown here and now also public on my astrobin account:     

3-April-2017, a RGB picture of the Moon, 2 versions,     

Mar-2017, a comet 41P-Tuttle-.... Lum pictures,     

Mar-2017, the Crab Nebula, a LUM-Ha-OIII BW picture,

Mar-2017, the Crab Nebula, a Ha-OIII BW picture,

Mar-2017, the Crab Nebula, a Lum-Ha-OIII WF BW picture,

Febr-2017, the M51 Galaxy, a 2014 -> 2017 color WB/NB picture,

Old pictures of M97,

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