My astro setup Febr-2017 called "birdes nest" :-)
Observatorie construction during 2005

Welcome to my astro homepage, which have one purpose only, to show and share with you my best astro pictures taken from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Kind regards Niels V. Christensen

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The obs. picture shown at the right side is from 2005.  A afternoon in 2005 with very special weather conditions when the sun disappeared below the horizon. The observatory at that time was not finalized and among other things the rotating roof was not yet made and mounted.

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31. Jan-2017, a new astro setup to be tested and mounted on my 16" scope, soon,

20. Jan-2017, Astrobin, picture of the day, the Bubble Nebula,

The sum of exposure effort on the M1 nebula, Jan-2016 and Jan-2017,

Jan-2017, a M1 color/Lum/Ha picture, exposure color: 57*4min,

A M1 Lum/Ha/color picture where Ha info. was added into the red channel,

A M1 Ha picture, exposure: 26*5min,

A M1 Lum picture, exposure: 134*30sec,

A M1 Lum sequence, 2 pictures, one from Jan-2016 and one from Jan-2017,

Dec-2016, M42 Orion Nebula, a re-processed picture of raw data taken in 2008.

My transportable astro barn-door, made during 2016,     

12 Nov-2016, in a nearly full moon sky, a 60*30sec widefield picture of the orion & m45 star constellations,

Orion and m45 taken with my astro Barn-door, Canon 60Da camera, Samyang 14mm F2.8 objective. Exposure: 5*30sec stacked picture,

During 2014 -> 2016 this Bubble Nebula color picture was taken by Mr. Morten la Cour/Niels V. Christensen,

Aug/Sep-2016, NGC7331, a LRGB picture,

Aug/Sep-2016, M27, a LRGBHaOIII picture, and a MasterL-SII-Ha-OIII picture,     


24/25 Aug-2016, one astro-foto-setup, one night, guided raw frames taken in parallel to make 4 different M27 pictures,

Aug-2016. My picture of NGC 6826 will be shown in the October number of S&T, on page 57,

Aug-2016. M57 nebula, a combined old & new color picture,

Aug-2016. M27 nebula, a combined old & new color picture,

the M27 L,Ha, OIII M27 info. is here,

My astro setup seen from a drone, 11. June 2016, great pictures!

The planet Saturn, the R-RGB picture was taken 28. May-2016, size 80%,

The M101 Galaxy LRGB picture. ~13 hours in total exposure and taken during April-May-2016,     

May-2016, M92, a Lum and a Lum/color Picture. Lum exposure: 266*30sec, color exposure 12*4min,

9. May-2016, a Mercury transit picture, WO FLT-110 & Canon 60Da, a front white light sun filter used,

WO FLT-110, FFC, DMK21AU618.AS, 'sun' filter, a start sequence,

April-2016, was able to get more Lum raw data on the M51 galaxy, now the total exposure time is more than 7 hours,

April-2016, the M101 galaxy, a Lum picture, total exposure, 328*60sec. Several color versions of M101 are now added. Additionally 4.2 hours of color exposure was added to the Lum picture,

March 2016/2014, M97 with OIII halo. In total ~10 hours of LRGB,NB exposure,

March 2016/2014, M97 with OIII halo. In total ~6.6 hours of exposure,

Febr-2016 and old M42 color data,

Taken during Febr-2016, here are some Jupiter RGB pictures,

Part of the Rosette nebula center, a Lum picture taken in Dec-2015 & 4/5. Febr-2016,

NGC2023, a Lum/color picture taken 4/5. Febr-2016,

M106 Galaxy, a Lum/color picture taken 4/5. Febr-2016,

The M1 Crab Nebula, LUM/color picture taken 4. Jan-2016, 2.5hours expo. data,

M42, the central part shown in Hubble palette colors as RGB and in artifical RGB colors. The raw material was taken 23/24. Dec-2015. Total exposure time was only half an hour,       

NGC 891, a Lum picture taken 16. Dec-2015, exposure time: 66*60sec,

Nov-2015-Aug-2014, a ~10hour exposure of the Cocoon Nebula, two color variants,

28. Sep-2015, a Super Blood Moon collage picture,

A single picture, 

4 single pictures from when the moon eclipse started, timelapse from the 1. to last picture was 8 min.,

28. Sep-2015, a Super Full Moon picture,     

27. Sep-2015, a LHa,RGB/BW horsehead nebula pictures,     

26. Sep-2015, nearly a full moon,

6. Sep-2015, a LUM picture of NGC7027,

During Aug-2015, my final NGC7662 picture, more than 11 hours of exposure, from 1sec to 300sec subs were taken,

WF picture taken, at the same time, with WO FLT-110, Canon60Da, 49*5min exposure,

During Aug-2015, 16 hours M27 raw subs taken by Morten la Cour, copyright, and it was processed by me as a M27 RHa,GOIII,BOIII color picture,

14. Aug-2015, a NGC7662 LRGBOIII picture, total exposure time ~3 hours,

29. July-2015, a arp188 LRGB picture, total exposure time ~2 hours,

TheSky6 to TheSkyX Professional Edition upgrade was done at the same time, I have had access to the SkyX license for a long time, but ... .

19. July-2015, up and running again due to great help from  local astro-dealer, Erik/Dennis at, thanks a lot!

30. June-2015, currently I'm not in a position, financially, to proceed with my hobby. Hopefully later on it will be possible.

June-2015. DISASTER, I need really some good advice here. My 16" scope don't work anymore. Here is what happen (~213MB movie) after power on,   

First time everI have decided to sell some parts of my astro-equipment. Below link information is is Danish language, sorry, but please let me known via e-mail if your interested, and I will translate the relevant information for you, thanks.

4. April-2015, full Moon color pictures,

22. Febr-2015, Tadpoles of IC 410, a color picture,

10. Febr-2015, an integration of frames from several years, the Horse Nebula,

17. Jan-2015, comet LJ, total exposure 124min,

12. Jan-2015, comet Lovejoy, a 30*60sec + 6*120sec color Picture and taken with WO FLT-110 and Canon 60Da,

Comet LJ taken with LX200ACF 16" telescope,

21. Dec-2014, 6.8 hours of exposure, of the Tadpoles of IC410 look like this,

14. Dec-2014, the Tadpoles of IC410, a LHaRGB Picture, total exposure time 4,32hours, a couple of color variants added, 

6/7. Dec-2014, M31 center with Ha and OIII info. added and a preliminary picture of the tadpoles of IC410,

4/5. Oct-2014, the Horse Nebula, a LHa picture,
The Elephant Trunk Nebula, a LNB,RHaSII,GOIII,BOIII picture,
The center of the M31 galaxy, a LRGB picture,

26/27-Sep-2014, Comet C/2011-J2-LINEAR pictures,

Sep-2014, a M31 trial picture, only 7*3min. exposure, taken as usual in the citylight :-(

Sep-2014, a WF Bubble Nebula picture, 34*3min. ISO800, Canon 60Da, WO FLT-110,

Aug/Sep-2014, 5 clear nights, the Bubble Nebula shown in
LNB, RHaSII,GOIII,BOIII colors, 2versions,

The SII contribution, ~2 hours of exposure, just FYI,

Aug/Sep-2014, 5 clear nights, the Bubble Nebula shown in Hubble palette colors, stars shown as/in RGB colors. Total exposure time ~7,5 hours, FL~2500mm,

During Aug-2014, a LHaOIII,RHa,GOIII,BOIII color picture was taken of the Bubble Nebula, 2 processing versions,
Exposure data: L=32*30sec+17*60sec+21*120sec, R,G,B=61,49,40*60sec, Ha=4*600sec and OIII=13*300sec.

24. Aug-14, Comet Jacques, gif sequences, and WF/close-up versions shown, 18*120sec/83*30sec,

17. Aug-14, 150% sized Bubble, shown in Hubble palette colors,

9. Aug-14, the Bubble Nebula, a LumHa Picture, total exposure time was 88min, 3 different processing versions shown below,

3. Aug-14, a ~9 hour Cocoon Nebula picture, composed as a 2LHa,RHaSII,GOIII,BOIII picture,

22. July-14, a Cocoon Nebula picture. It is a 2LHa-RHaGB picture taken with LX200ACF 16" telescope and Atik 460ex mono camera, baader filters used. Exposure times are: Lum=82min, R=56min, G=49min, B=57min, Ha=28*5min=140min.

19. July-14, a Cocoon Nebula picture. It is a LHa-LRHaGB picture taken with LX200ACF 16" telescope and Atik 460ex mono camera, baader filters used. Exposure times are: Lum=35*30sec+22*60sec, R=14*60sec, G=15*60sec, B=21*60sec, Ha=8*5min.

WF pictures of the Cocoon Nebula is here. Exposure: 37*2min. and taken with Canon 60Da and WO FLT-110 telescope,

29. April-14, M51 galaxy, a 6 hours exposure picture. A LHaR,OIIIGB picture using baader filters,

30. March-14, M97, the owl nebula, a LHaSIIOIIIRGB picture,
a WF Picture,
a SII,Ha,OIII,masterLUM picture,
the internal shell structure is shown here,

23. Febr-14, Merope, IC-349 re-processed picture added on-top.

12. Jan-14, my yahoo e-mail address added above.

29. Sep-2013, a M45, Merope IC 349 picture,

15. Sep-2013, my latest attempt on a close-up M27,

8->15. Sep-2013, couple of Albireo variants plus M76 color picture trials,

14. Sep-2013, M45 color picture, exposure time 12*5min.

30. Aug-2013, latest M27 pictures (best raw data, from the last 3 years, used to make the color picture below)

24. Aug-2013, Albireo, a LRGB picture and 2 widefield pictures,

25. July-2013, NGC6826 color pictures with visible Ha/OIII halo,

Latest 2013 summer pictures taken is here,

Mar/Apr-13, a M51 Lum picture and a M51 color picture taken with the following setup. The color data was added to the picture via WO FLT-110/Canon 60Da setup. Atik 460ex mono camera and LX200ACF 16" telescope used for the Lum data, exposure time for Lum, 42*2min.,
WF color picture of M51 is here,

5. Jan-13, from the New Delhi astro exhibition, fyi, my two pictures are shown from 2.18min. within this film sequence,

2014-2017, Copyright, Niels V. Christensen.